fried friday

November 19, 2010

Sometimes, I have days where I feel like friends might know I had a bad day if they take a look in the freezer.  Today is one of those days.  I went to the grocery store moments ago and bought three items. Now, packed in amongst the frozen vegetables, are a bag of fried chicken tenders, some curly fries, and rocky road ice cream.  The first two are half-empty, and I’m waiting on them to come out of the oven.  The growler of FYIPA in my fridge is helping me endure the wait.

Mmmm.  It’ll cure what ails you…as long as what ails you isn’t heart disease.

Update: Haha, one of my roommates came home as I was pulling the deliciousness out of the oven, and asked, “That bad, huh?”  ❤



  1. I would be more concerned if a different combination of two of those three items were half-empty. Mmmm, chicken tenders and rocky road…

  2. Yes, good point…but I at least had the self-control in my moping to avoid making myself sick. The ice cream’s only 1/5 eaten :-}

  3. 1/5 is 4/5’s better than it could be….

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