dinner at 1:30am

November 24, 2010

File under “why bother?”  Because I still have frozen curly fries and chicken tenders from last week’s comfort food day, that’s why, and sitting down with a plate every night helps me feel human.  Also because one fun-size Almond Joy does not really fill you up, even if your cubicle-mate gave it to you with the kindest intentions.

Staying at the lab until midnight thirty to finish and print a poster, when you don’t leave for the conference for another 5 days: file under, “why bother?”  Because this way I get to spend meaningful time with an old friend who’s in town to see his sister, instead of just token turkey-eating time.  Said old friend, notably, is the person I’ve known the longest who I’m still in touch with (not counting blood relations).  Congrats, old friend, you’ve been around better than 60% of my life, and now I can be around for 60% of your visit.

Pushing through another solid week of data analysis (second in a row), when you had a vague story to explain your results already, and you’re leaving the lab forever soon: file under, “why bother?”  Because that push bought me a story that finally I believe, and gave me something great and concrete to talk about at the MRS next week.  Also because it’s incredibly empowering to feel like I’m contributing to my field, and yet know I want to leave it.  I’m making the right choice.

Posting all of this nonsense on the web, at 1:45 on a Wednesday morning: file under, “why bother?”  Because sometimes I lose sight of things, and I want to remember that I do it all because I care about something.


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