recent observations: the (six) mile high edition

November 28, 2010

It amuses me that “the mile high club” actually refers to actions perpetrated at several miles’ worth of altitude.  If we were technical about it, we’d have to admit most Colorado citizens to the club.

I am writing this from 30,000 feet over the great lakes [I’m posting it from six stories above sea level], on a Boston-bound flight.  The upper midwest looks too snowy to be somewhere I’d want to live.

JetBlue is way more awesome than I thought they’d be.  I think this is mostly because I confused them with AirTran, who sucks.  JetBlue has far tastier cookies than AirTran (and actually than everyone except Delta, because Lorna Doodles are the best airline cookie out there).  They also have cashews instead of peanuts.  Further, they get bonus points because the flight attendant accidentally made a farting noise into the microphone earlier, and the entire flight crew cracked up.  Passengers were unsure whether it was okay to laugh.

I did not have to wait in line at security (because I took the super secret security option at DIA, rather than the terminal mess).  Nor did I have to enter the dreaded nakedness machine, or get groped.  This rendered all Thanksgiving dinner discussion of whether I should go to the airport packing sadly moot.  Yes, my Thanksgiving conversation was more interesting than yours, and no, I did not actually go to the airport packing (I lack the proper supplies, and observe buy-nothing day when most are enjoying black Friday).  Before you get concerned about any acts of total idiocy on my part, know that the packing I refer to has nothing to do with guns, and everything to do with gender expression.  It’s unfortunate that not everyone is able to make it a choice, or gets the good TSA luck that I had.

I swear half my lab is on this flight.  The other half is spread between two later flights to Boston.  Sharing a cab?  We’d need a bus.  Or, the T, which is probably what I’ll do [indeed, it is what I did].  Carpe per diem — what most business travelers think of as an allowance, students think of as a fabulous bonus.

Sunday after Thanksgiving, mid-morning departure, and not a single baby on this flight.  I was prepared for the worst.  Guess that’s what’s keeping me content with being next to the lavatory for a cross-country flight.

The airplane headache took three hours to set in!  I must be getting better still.

I filled five notebook pages on this flight, front and back.  Expect a few real posts in the near future.


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