more dispatches from conference-land

December 2, 2010

Dear god, I need go to bed, but blogging is more fun.

Anyhow, greetings from the third (now, technically, fourth, by several hours) day of the Fall 2010 MRS conference.  I just closed out a bar with a bunch of folks who do research on transparent conducting oxides, all of whom are from my national lab (but most of whom I’ve never met before).

Coloradans drink a lot, I’ve concluded, and take advantage of this whole phenomenon of feeling less intoxicated at sea level.  Extreme advantage.  Extreme advantage.  Apparently this is the second night in a row that the posse I was with was kicked out of a bar (I went to bed last night instead).  I’m told last night was more exciting than just hitting closing time.  A fairly well-known PI locked the bouncer out of the bar…while the bouncer was watching him.  He’s a fun dude.  Apparently, my tendency to slip into southernisms after a few whiskey drinks makes me a “party toy,” according to him.  Honestly, I think someone with the audacity to lock the bouncer out of the bar makes a better party toy than someone with an increasing “y’all” count as the night progresses, but maybe it’s just an effect of being from the south.

It’s surprisingly difficult to find a Brooklyn Lager in this town.

Going to my friend’s 8:30am talk is going to suck.

Science-wise, saw some cool stuff today.  I’d talk about it, but I don’t know if ligand exchange and ordered artificial solids are really that interesting to my usual blog audience.  Trust me, it was cool.

I don’t have a job yet, but I’ve handed out some business cards.  Guess I should actually consider Dr. KGB’s lab.

The Museum of Science in Boston is pretty fantastic.  I spent a few hours of my afternoon there.  It’s a museum cool enough to have a full triceratops fossil that’s not their centerpiece.  It’s hidden in a corner of the basement.  What?  The museum I volunteer at has a triceratops skull (just the skull), and it’s definitely highlighted as the most awesome thing in the whole building.  Luckily, the MoS is big enough, diverse enough, and awesome enough to pull it off.

That said, they didn’t give me the opportunity to drop off my job application with the appropriate people.  I left it with Billy at the information booth.  I’m a little skeptical about this, and will probably email it just to be sure.

Umbrellas from CVS suck.  Mine blew inside-out four times tonight.

Brown-bagging the poster session: Coloradans are beer snobs.  I can’t really talk, though, as I provided the bottle-opener for the brown-bagging folks.  Somehow, this failed to earn me a bottle.

Major conferences in major cities only resemble vacation after 10pm.


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