December 9, 2010

I never take it, because it makes me feel weird and stops me from sleeping, but after a day of trying to do work and wishing I could stab a ventilation hole in my face to stop the pain from the pressure (somehow I don’t think this would help my pain that much, but it is so appealing), I broke down and bought some of that glorious pseudoephidrine/guaifenesin* mixture they sell.  I was already downing the guaifenesin anyway to keep the green stuff from solidifying in my lungs.

Oh man.  This stuff is awesome.  I can now touch my face without wanting to cry.  I’ll have to revisit this assessment in a few hours when I try to sleep, though.

And yes, my throw-up-on-the-bus episode turned into the standard Lady-Quantum-itis, where I spew forth massive quantities of strange colored mucus from my upper respiratory tract.  It’s been a fun week around here.

*for those of you playing along at home who aren’t at the point yet where you’re figuring out what to give your pharmacists for Christmas, pseudoephidrine is the active ingredient in Sudafed, and guaifenesin is what they put in the plain Robitussin.  And yes, yes I am going to put together a gift basket for my pharmacists.  They are that awesome to me, even if it scares me that they recognize my voice on the phone.



  1. I’m old enough to remember when there were alternatives to pseudoephidrine. The alternative, of course, being that you had to worry about being unconscious instead of awake, but I digress. It was nice to *have* alternatives, especially alternatives that didn’t allow the pharmaceutical industry to tacitly support the Mexican drug cartels and their American white supremacist ancestors.

    Ah, those were the days.

  2. Mmm…alternatives that induce unconsciousness. I could have gone for those last night.

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