in which several recent events are discussed, illness edition

December 11, 2010

Being sick sucks.  I can peg a semi-exact cause now, though: the only other lab person who was on my flight back from Boston last week is also sick since Monday, with very similar symptoms.  Grrr.  Stupid air travel plague.  It’s what I suspected anyway.

My roommate often suffers from roommate-itis in the same way that I suffer from Lady-Quantum-itis, and is just about as susceptible to catching air travel plague as I am.  She has a plan to front-load the vitamin C before departing for lands east for the holidays, and I think I am going to follow her example.  It would be miserable to get over one case of air travel plague only to catch another.

I like pseudoephedrine a lot less today.  I couldn’t sleep last night, and ended up chasing a benadryl with valerian tincture at 2:30am before I could.  This is probably not the best approach to sleeping.  Also, the damn stuff isn’t even keeping me from wanting to stab ventilation holes in my face anymore.

Sometimes student health clinics are a disaster, and sometimes they amaze me with their awesomeness.  It’s a strong function of who treats you.  Yesterday, I saw the same guy who sent me for a CT scan after my head injury a year and a half ago, and I had forgotten how fabulous he was (in my defense, I saw him through a blinding headache last time).  Our appointment went like this:

  1. I describe my symptoms and present my theory that I caught a virus that may have spawned a secondary sinus infection when I took too long to get well (Lady-Quantum-itis, as it is).
  2. He asks me, “if you were the doctor, what would you do to fix you?”
  3. I tell him I need to start azithromyacin if I don’t start to improve the next day, but it’s a day or so too early still, and I’m only in there because it’s Friday afternoon and I really don’t want to be defenseless in the event of worsening over the weekend.
  4. He examines me.
  5. He says, “I concur.”
  6. He writes me a script for azithromyacin, and tells me that my thought that I should wait another day before starting it (in case I don’t actually need antibiotics) isn’t a bad one at all.

He is now a favorite, up there with the woman who gave me steroids when I was completely healthy, just so I’d have them on hand when I got sick enough to need them.  I love it when doctors listen to me.

I think I may be getting better without antibiotics, which is thoroughly shocking for me.  If I can make it through the day without running a fever or wanting to stab holes in my face, I won’t start them.  At least, if I don’t want to stab holes in my face for very much of the day (I want to right now).  Yes!  Here’s hoping.


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