December 19, 2010

Two of my roommates are going to be here for Christmas this year, and so, we have a Christmas tree in our living room.  The driving force behind the tree bought pink lights, because, as she put it, “we’re a house full of girls!”  Right.  Nevermind that we’re all physicists and engineers and do almost nothing stereotypically girly with our time or our wardrobes (skirts + cute shoes + experimental science = not allowed, lab safety and all).  We are now officially girly, though, because we have pink lights for our tree.

My roommate then proceeded to do a very dangerous thing: she put the pink lights on the tree, and left for a four-day ski trip.  She left me with a pink-lighted, completely undecorated tree, and trusted I would make it classy.  Oh, oh roommate, you’ve known me for two and a half years now, when will you learn?

This is our fully-decorated tree.

It is nothing if not classy.

That’s probably pretty hard to see, so here are a few close-ups.  You might still have to click on them for full-size to get the proper effect.  It was nice to finally put the seventy thousand Victoria’s Secret catalogs we get to some kind of fun use instead of just recycling them, and I never thought I’d have cause to be cheerful that they have an “angels” line of underwear.

A few of our ornaments. Amusingly, the pasteboard backing is a Cap'n Crunch box.

I really enjoy the look on her face.

And, finally, what’s a tree like this without something to unwrap underneath?

She was well-paid in Velveeta for this endeavor.

I hope I’m here when my roommate gets back from her trip this evening.



  1. <3<3<3<3<3<3

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