shitty landlord is shitty

January 2, 2011

And so is our house: we’ve had the sewer back up into our basement twice this weekend, and now the landlord is not getting it fixed because waaaaaah, the emergency service costs too much.  He also won’t put us up in a hotel, because guess what?  It’s too expensive.  So we now have a house we can’t use, and nowhere else to go.  It’s worth noting that the backup has been contained so far to the laundry room, thanks to our smart action (i.e. avoiding putting any water down the drains for now almost 24 hours) and prompt cleanup skills.  This is not stopping him from blaming us for not letting him know about the situation further in advance.  Right.

A similar situation actually happened at my last place, but I forgave the landlords because they really did do everything in their power to fix it ASAP, and did offer me alternate accommodations.  They were nice.  I miss them sometimes.

So what’s happening?  Well, he’s on his way over with a tool he thinks will help.  The professional plumber who was over here earlier would have done that if it would work, no?  Too bad our landlord sent him away when he was here and ready to get to work.

I am gearing up for Round Two of my favoritest game ever, “Bitch Out the Landlord.”  I hate everything.

Update: apparently, I shamed the landlord into paying the damn plumber so we could put water down our pipes again.  I am both glad he could be shamed into doing this, and also disappointed that that’s what it took.  What an asshole.


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