i really ought to know better by now

January 20, 2011

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks.  It’s also been an awesome couple of weeks.  This peculiar cocktail of stressful and awesome has left me really, really, really wanting to spend some time with the partner.  Alas alack and woe, he lives 47 miles to the north of me (not as the crow flies, but as Miss Piggy drives).

Problem: today it snowed on the Front Range, probably about 3″ in grand total.  So the fuck what? you say.  It’s January.  It’s Colorado.  My point is…?

Indeed.  Not a big deal, normally.  However, this was that magic kind of snow that manages to melt and then refreeze and melt and refreeze ad infinitum as it’s falling, so we’re all left with maximally terrible road conditions.  Not even lying: worst I’ve ever driven in.  I asked the opinion of a roommate (she had to recover her car from the shop today), and she agreed.  Worst she’s ever driven in.  We’re from North Carolina and Delaware, respectively, so maybe that doesn’t count as much as it could, but we have both lived three years on Colorado’s Front Range, so we ought to know something by now.  I even drove to the bar to watch a basketball game (hey, it was the NCAA’s) at the tail end of a blizzard my first year, when there were 2′ of snow on the roads, so surely my opinion counts for something.

Worst I’ve ever driven in.

Anyway, beyond the terrible roads, there was terrible traffic.  It took me about 40 minutes to get a mile and a half from my house, skidding and spinning tires the whole way, before I called the partner from a traffic jam to say I wasn’t coming.  Way too unsafe.  Way too much traffic.  Way too bad, I’ll see you Friday, and we’ll just be mopey tonight.

Then I got out of traffic, and onto a road that seemed to have seen some sanding.  The evil little voice crept into my head, whispering its evil little things in my ear.  He says it’s okay further north.  He says it hasn’t snowed for hours up there.  And you really want to see him…

Yeah.  So I took the turn that would take me north, not home, and attempted an alternate route.  I made it about a mile before I decided to screw the evil little voice and go home before I got in a wreck.

At the next stoplight, I got in a wreck.  Evil little voice, you can fuck off and die.

I’m okay.  The guy I hit is okay.  The dog, who was in the backseat, is okay.  Our cars are actually almost okay.  It wasn’t even really my fault, in a way, even though it was officially, since there was nothing I could do do that I wasn’t doing to prevent my car sliding into his at the destructive speed of 10mph.  It’s just…UGH!  ARGH!  L;JAKSJSGDAOGIH  I really do know better, most of the time.  I had decided to do the smart thing, after waffling with the dumb thing and deciding against it.  I don’t generally do things that I know are the bad, wrong, dumb choice to make.  Really, I don’t.  It’s just the frustration of living in different towns after sharing a home.  It’s the frustration of not being able to see the person you’re going to marry more than once a week, and sometimes less.  It’s the frustration of not always even being able to talk on the phone.  It’s just frustration, period.

Anyways, after a bit of exchanging info and hoping not to get hit again while on the side of the road, hazards on, I set off for home.  It took me another 45 minutes to cover a mile and a half (couldn’t just turn around, because the traffic was far, far worse that way).  I feel for anyone trying to go anywhere on US 36 tonight.  I couldn’t even get out of town.

Days like this make me very glad I wasn’t on the GS bus today (see this post from last spring if you want to see what that means).  They also make me very, very glad that Maker’s Mark was on sale at the store tonight.



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