can i get a hell yeah?

January 28, 2011

Today is an amazing day.  No, nothing of grand celestial importance has happened; rather, I got almost 7 hours of sleep, made really tasty coffee, and then I went outside barefoot in a t-shirt to move my car for my roommate.  I did this just out of laziness, fully expecting to suffer horribly for those few moments, since it’s January on the Front Range and it was still fairly early morning.

I was astounded.  These are the current conditions:

January. Front Range. Arid climates and weird mountain-influenced weather patterns for the win!

Normally this would be nice, but this morning I “had to” bike to an appointment, and now “have to” walk the dog now that I’m done.  Also, even if it was cold out, things are going generally awesome in my life right now, so today would probably be good anyway.

As it is, it’s amazing.  Happy Friday, world!  I hope yours is as happy as mine so far.


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