in which i continue to blog about the weather

January 30, 2011

This weekend was glorious,  in a lot of ways.  Yesterday was another beautiful day, and although I spent it trying on clothes in a mall (ugh), I at least got to bike a few miles to the mall and back in the nice weather.  I also got a hot (but professional) suit out of it, which was the point, so that’s good.   Today I went hiking up a nifty little canyon trail west of Loveland.   Now, I’m in lab, but we’ll ignore that sad fact (7pm on a Sunday eve?  eww) and focus on the good.

Except that I just checked the forecast.  This is what I found:

Colorado, you are out of my good books. What the hell are you thinking, doing this to me?

Yay?  I knew you couldn’t keep away forever, winter, but I’m still going to resent you for it.




  1. You can escape the cold and come to Denver on Tuesday. It will be up to 4 degrees!

    • Oh, unfair! How come you get the above-zero temps?

  2. Flagstaff has lots of little snowstorms moving in this week, which is just terrible for my migraines. One big snowstorm is 1 big migraine that I might actually recover from before the storm ends. But the little snowstorms keep me feeling just well enough to get out of bed, but bad enough that getting work done is all but impossible.

    Don’t freeze!

    • Eep, I hate those. I’ve been lucky that my migraines have gotten a lot better over the past six months and so I haven’t had so much of this problem, but I definitely remember how much that sucks from the winter after my concussion.

      I hope it’s warmer in Flagstaff! The windchill was -30F when I left the lab last night, but today it’s above zero and calm. Yay!

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