in which recent (and upcoming) events are discussed

March 21, 2011

My thesis must be handed to my committee on Thursday.  I am not ready.  NOT READY.  It seemed like a surmountable task yesterday morning, but the realities of my need for sleep and newly-reduced tolerance for caffeine (I hate it that my plan to quit actually worked well enough to make me feel wonky after a few cups of coffee now) have kicked in, and it’s panic time.  Panic has served me fairly well in my past experience with such things, so I have hope, but it’s not a very cheerful sort of hope.  More like a, “I hope I can actually get my act together well enough to pull a few consecutive all-nighters” kind of hope.  That’s how I finished my undergraduate thesis, so I’m not exactly shocked that it’s what’ll be required here, though I am a bit sad that my planning-ahead abilities haven’t grown much in the past 4 or 5 years.

But, some things in life are most excellent.  Spring league ultimate frisbee began yesterday, and I woke up today in a very contented sort of pain.  My muscles are berating me for neglecting them all winter.  My foot is screaming at me that I should not have slacked off on my physical therapy exercises.  I have a nasty scrape on one knee, a milder one on the other, a beautiful bruise on one arm, and three blisters on my otherwise not-hurting foot, and it’s awesome.

Okay, maybe not really, but I’m really excited that league has started again, even if it means I broke myself yesterday.  For once, I broke myself actually contributing, and my team is both a ton of fun and composed almost entirely of folks I haven’t played with before, so I’m happy.  Oh, and I got told I was fast and people hated having to mark me, which always thrills me even though I always have a hard time believing it.

Today’s moral: yay frisbee.  Boo thesis.  Hello, caffeine.


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