mt. desk

March 22, 2011

Colorado has a new fourteener: my desk.  I am usually guilty of piling lots of crap on it, but thesis crunch time is sending the wreckage to new heights.  If I can find a camera, I’ll post a picture update later this week (as it can only get worse in the next few days).

But, while I sit here eating my lunch of french fries and ice cream (don’t judge, I’m stressed out okay), let me tally the destruction so far:

  • three piles of textbooks, at least one foot high each;
  • three empty coffee mugs;
  • one seriously old fruit juice bottle;
  • a bowl and spoon (perched precariously on the tallest book pile) that have been used for both cereal and ice cream (FYI: surprise mint chocolate chip granola is not a pleasant thing to eat after an all-nighter);
  • a saucer with PB sandwich crumbs on it (all the plates were dirty);
  • two dead highlighters;
  • an invitation to a friend’s wedding in May;
  • four ripped-up envelopes with crucial calculations and important phone numbers written on them;
  • my winter hat (it’s been 70 this week, so I have no idea why this is here);
  • a pot I ate macaroni and cheese out of at 4am this morning;
  • an empty wineglass (sometimes booze is more helpful than coffee, and certainly frazzles the nerves less);
  • a plate with french fry crumbs all over it (I just finished them, mmm);
  • an honest-to-god legal copy of Windows 7, which I don’t even run (Ubuntu and a VM’d XP for me);
  • two dessicated tea bags;
  • my humidifier, which is empty and probably needs cleaning;
  • various actually useful things, like my computer, monitor, assorted paraphernalia, and a couple lab notebooks and printed thesis outlines;
  • about eighty pens, most of which are probably dead.

It’s a really good thing that I have a gigantic desk.


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