activation energy

March 31, 2011

I have spent a lot of time lately thinking about my defense, my need to prepare, and the eighty other things that need getting done right now (yes, even after submitting my actual physical electronic thesis last week).  For some reason, the only thought that really sticks long enough is, “I need to do these things, right now — but oh look over there, there’s something safe, cuddly, and non-threatening!”

A bit ago, speaking to a similarly-struggling friend, we decided: we lack the activation energy.  The potential barrier (i.e., the overwhelming terror, in my case) is too high to overcome right now.

This makes me laugh despairingly, since it is so terribly apt — I’ve spent what time I’ve spent on science recently worrying about population transfer, potential barriers, and thermal activation between several states.

Now if only I could get excited.



  1. The trick is to make the distractions unsafe, sharp, and threatening, I guess.

    • I will advocate for the installation of ninja assassins with the next upgrade of StayFocusd.

  2. I would have suggested chainsaw juggling.

    • That does sound more exciting. Or, even better: ninja assassins who are skilled in the art of chainsaw juggling.

  3. OmniFocus + making a list of what I want to accomplish the next day every night really helps me overcome my painful laziness. Not every day, but enough days.

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