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why i un-broke-up with facebook

April 29, 2011

As some of you might have noticed this morning, I’m back on Facebook.  It’s been almost exactly a year since I deleted my profile and blogged about the reasons I left in a huff.

I left Facebook for a number of reasons, but the most important is that I didn’t like how much control I had lost over who saw what.  Since I had been on the site for about six years, I had quite a bit of content up that was posted to be shared with only my good friends — nothing incriminating, but the usual silly pictures from college parties, ridiculous comments everywhere, pretty much what you might expect if someone’s entire college experience is documented (somewhat haphazardly, as I never used facebook even close to on a daily basis) on the web.  My friend network had also become a sprawling mess of a thing — I actually knew everyone when we became “facebook friends,” but at least a fifth weren’t people I really was that interested in staying in touch with.

So what brought me back?  Functionality. Read the rest of this entry ?


as good as it gets

April 11, 2011

I just got a phone call.  It was from the AAAS.  Apparently, someone wants me to be a science writer for them this summer, as part of the AAAS’s Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows program.

This someone is my hometown newspaper.  The real one, not the cute quaint one.  This someone is also located 45 minutes from my parents, only 6 hours from where my partner will be living this summer, and 3 hours from my brother’s permanent duty station.  It puts me as close to all of these things as I could possibly hope to be out of all their fellowship assignments.  I also have a ton of folks I adore who are still in the area.

The only sad part is that it means I’ll be leaving Colorado for good this May (don’t worry, I’ll be back to visit … just not on a long-term basis).  That will be a very sad part indeed.  But, I would have been leaving eventually anyway, even had I gotten the Colorado fellowship assignment.  This just moves up that permanent departure date by a few months.

I’m pretty friggin’ happy right now.  A few days ago I got a master’s degree, and now I get to use it doing something I think I’ll love for the summer, while getting a chance to spend time with some of the people I love, too.

Happy April!  Hope yours rocks as much as mine does right now.


lady quantum, master of physics

April 7, 2011


I have to do revisions, but there’s nothing earth-shattering, and the highest-stress things I have to do before leaving are donedonedonedonedone.  Done.  DONE!

I’m completely stoked to be getting out of research, and even more stoked to be doing it with a fancy schmancy graduate science degree.  But right now, I’m most stoked about happy hour.


a good offense

April 7, 2011

Thanks so much to everyone who has called, texted, emailed, blog-commented, or messenger-pigeoned me to wish me luck today for my thesis defense.  Actually, nobody messenger-pigeoned me, but it would have been awesome, so I’m going to pretend.

T-minus 5 hours.  I do not feel ready.  I don’t exactly think my committee is going to abuse me too badly (or if they do, it’s not because they don’t think I deserve to graduate, and I don’t think they’ll fail me), but there are so many things I have notes next to that say “review this” that have gone sadly neglected in the final run-up to things.

I had a rockin’ defense-day breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants, though.  Reasons to treat yourself are always awesome.

Oh, also, Admiral Ackbar (below) made it into my defense … twice.  Yay nerd jokes!


See you on the other side.



the leaky pipeline and why the discussion makes me grumpy

April 4, 2011

This is an ironic title, due to the fact that our water bill was $350 this past month (we had a big leak that we didn’t cause, so the landlord is after the plumber who “fixed” things).  I’m not talking about this kind of leaky pipeline, though I certainly have at great length and with great fury elsewhere.

Instead, I’m talking about the “leaky pipeline” of women in academia, as is Female Science Professor this morning.  She has a new post up regarding the incompleteness of the completion data available for students who enter science and engineering PhD programs, and how it makes it impossible to determine why exactly women are leaving without a PhD (and therefore, what we can do about it).  It’s a worthwhile post if these issues interest you at all.

They certainly interest me, but the discussion also pisses me off.  As a woman who is finishing/leaving/quitting with a master’s degree instead of a PhD (with word choice depending on who you ask or what mood I’m in when you ask me), the whole viewpoint these discussions are framed from bothers me.  Perhaps it’s just due to where I read these things — mostly on blogs published by PhD-holding women with research careers — but the language choices and quiet bias always make me feel like a traitor to the cause.

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