a good offense

April 7, 2011

Thanks so much to everyone who has called, texted, emailed, blog-commented, or messenger-pigeoned me to wish me luck today for my thesis defense.  Actually, nobody messenger-pigeoned me, but it would have been awesome, so I’m going to pretend.

T-minus 5 hours.  I do not feel ready.  I don’t exactly think my committee is going to abuse me too badly (or if they do, it’s not because they don’t think I deserve to graduate, and I don’t think they’ll fail me), but there are so many things I have notes next to that say “review this” that have gone sadly neglected in the final run-up to things.

I had a rockin’ defense-day breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants, though.  Reasons to treat yourself are always awesome.

Oh, also, Admiral Ackbar (below) made it into my defense … twice.  Yay nerd jokes!


See you on the other side.




  1. Didn’t say it earlier, but good luck. You’ll be fine, in any case.

    • Haha, I wasn’t fishing, but thanks! Apparently all the luck-wishing helped, because it went quite well.

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