things that are not okay: histamine edition

July 18, 2011

I had a super fun evening last night (in a manner of speaking), but I’m okay.  But, that said, some things are definitely not okay:

  • Aggressive A/C in the ER.  Brrrrr, turn it down!  Some of us have IV lines in and can’t put sweaters on, you know.
  • Hives on the palms of hands.  I dare you to try to scratch it and make it feel better instead of way, way worse.
  • Ears swelling shut.  What?  What’d you say?  You’re going to give me an IV of what?  Eyes, on the other hand, are kind of okay, since it gives you an excuse to not work to keep them open.  And believe me, that’s a big challenge after getting a syringe full of benadryl straight down the veins.
  • Being on prednisone and having no chocolate, ice cream, or cookies in the house.  This was an intentional, health-protective choice on my part, but boy am I regretting it.
  • Being knocked down again just as I’d re-established momentum at work post-migraine.
  • Having very little idea what caused a seriously terrifying allergy.
  • My phone ringing off the hook just as I was coming out of the drug daze this morning (but I love y’all anyway and was sorry to worry you).

So, yeah.  Late night last night in the ER, but all’s well that ends well, I suppose.  I’m down for the count for at least today, but I imagine I’ll be back up and stumbling (I’m on lots of antihistimines) by tomorrow afternoon.

But I promise I’m okay.  I have two tentative theories about what might have happened, and I’ve already scheduled an appointment to check it out.


One comment

  1. Wow. Good luck solving this. That’s seriously sucktastic.

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