the coolest thing about being a journalist

July 21, 2011

I have a reporter superpower.  It’s called “the phone.”

It’s amazing.  These days, if I have a question, I can just look up an expert and call them.  BAM.  Done.  Instant answers.

Or, well, voicemail, voicemail, email, BAM.  Done.  Almost instant answers.

Case in point: my fun allergy situation the other night.  I think I’ve tracked it down, and actually it makes a funny reporting anecdote if I’m right (and my doc thinks I am), so I’m writing a column about it for the paper.  This means that I have full license to wave around my press credentials to get access to world experts … who I then will ask about the science behind an allergy that I (am pretty sure I) have.

This is awesome.


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