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dear verizon, kindly go to hell

September 24, 2011

The fun just doesn’t end!

My phone broke last night.  Really, it broke last August, but it wasn’t non-functional broken, just really-hard-to-read-the-screen-and-I-have-to-guess-the-rightmost-quarter-of-text-messages-from-context broken.  Now it is non-functional broken.

So today, I went shopping for a replacement phone.  I checked a few things to make sure I wouldn’t have to buy directly from Verizon (because they can go fuck themselves — I am not letting them directly make more than the contractually obligated amount of money off of me at this point).  I did a bit of research into my most expedient and cheapest options, and I decided to go to the non-Verizon cell phone store to get a phone advertised at $80.  Not cheap, but whatever, it was quick.

Guess what?  Verizon wins again.  The $80 phone was a prepaid phone — I knew this going in — but even though Verizon will support this phone on both prepaid and contract plans, these $80 phones don’t work with contract plans.  As in, Verizon refuses to let you carry it on a contract plan, just like they’ll refuse to give you service on a smart phone (even an unlocked one without a contract) unless you buy a data plan.

As in, Verizon has found yet another way to fuck me over.  The same damn phone with a serial number that permits a contract plan costs $250.  Unless I buy a new contract — then it’s “free.”  Yeah, free with the cost of suffering through three more years of your bullshit instead of just one.

This defies all normal human logic.  If someone buys the $80 phone, likes it, likes Verizon (because they’re insane or something) and wants to move to a contract, then they have to buy another of the same phone.  What a fucking waste.  But obviously, it makes Verizon lots of cash, or they wouldn’t do something so ridiculous.

I hate Verizon with the fiery passion of ten thousand suns.  It’s made so much worse by the fact that all of their customer service people are really damn nice.  They fuck you over ever so politely.  It’s like someone confessing to murder while smiling and eating a lollipop.

I am beginning to very seriously weigh the costs of just getting out of my contract earlier and getting a new carrier.




i’m shopping for insurance

September 23, 2011

This is going predictably badly.  My current coverage expires on October 1, so I’m up against a serious deadline here, though I’ve been doing this for a month.  The partner, incidentally, has no coverage whatsoever right now, so I’m shopping for him too (since I’m the resident insurance expert).

So far, one company completely denied me (but not the partner — they actually offered him a significant discount), and the other one has offered a joint policy that costs as much as rent.  Of course, more than 4/5 of that premium is attributable to my part of the policy.

Oddly enough, I think this is all happening because I started getting migraines after the car wreck two years ago.  Even though I’ve only had one doctor’s visit (and no new prescriptions) for migraines in the past year.

Grrr.  Last time I did this whole insurance business, I paid the smoker’s rate (I guess asthma is kind of like smoking, if you’re an insurer).  This rate they want me to pay now is twice that.

Fuck insurance companies.



a question

September 15, 2011

Does “networking” ever stop feeling skeezy?

I feel so icky every time I throw myself at someone just to make sure I get on their radar.  I feel at least half again as icky, too, every time I ask a contact for an introduction to someone.  Especially via email, when the words stare back at me and sit there in my “sent mail” folder.

But, I need a job, so commence the icking!