i’m shopping for insurance

September 23, 2011

This is going predictably badly.  My current coverage expires on October 1, so I’m up against a serious deadline here, though I’ve been doing this for a month.  The partner, incidentally, has no coverage whatsoever right now, so I’m shopping for him too (since I’m the resident insurance expert).

So far, one company completely denied me (but not the partner — they actually offered him a significant discount), and the other one has offered a joint policy that costs as much as rent.  Of course, more than 4/5 of that premium is attributable to my part of the policy.

Oddly enough, I think this is all happening because I started getting migraines after the car wreck two years ago.  Even though I’ve only had one doctor’s visit (and no new prescriptions) for migraines in the past year.

Grrr.  Last time I did this whole insurance business, I paid the smoker’s rate (I guess asthma is kind of like smoking, if you’re an insurer).  This rate they want me to pay now is twice that.

Fuck insurance companies.



One comment

  1. I’m paying for 6 months of health insurance today. Total = $363. The application was 1 page, didn’t ask me a damn thing about my health history, and is the best coverage I’ve ever had. Clearly, you and the boy need to come be my neighbors.

    People say you have to wait for appointments here. I’m sure that’s true to some extent, but when I called to make a non-urgent appointment, they asked if I’d like to come in _that morning_.

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