about this blog

This blog is my way of keeping friends and family (and I suppose any random stalkers who stumble upon this page) updated on my life.  I am very bad at keeping in touch, and don’t have much spare time, so, well, there you go.  It’s like one of those giant email lists people use when they travel, only less annoying, because it doesn’t actually show up in your inbox.

I mostly post about general goings-on in my life: cool trips I take, my slog through graduate school, political and science things that I think are important, silly things that I think are fun, and so and and so forth.  I also sometimes get all serious, and post things that have wide application, and would be interesting to people who don’t know me.  Hi, stalkers and google-directed visitors!  Feel free to comment as you please, as it makes me feel special when I know people read my blog.

To family: my apologies that I don’t self-censor much on here.  I promise* to wash my mouth out with soap before I see you next.  I am keeping my nose piercing, however, and I will continue to swear, go to bars, and read blogs about sex.  Sorry.  Kind of, anyways.

To friends: I doubt many of you are surprised by anything on here.  If you are, well, reference “to family” above.

*I don’t actually promise.  I (unfortunately) remember exactly what Dove soap tastes like, from when I was a little kid and said “shit” in my parents’ hearing for the first time.

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