who is lady quantum?

Outside of internetland, Lady Quantum is currently a third-year PhD student just finished her master’s degree in physics in Colorado, after deciding that badass research is cool, but PhDs are for suckers.  Now she’s sorting herself out as a science writer and educator, because telling other folks about science is way cooler than learning it yourself.

At least, she’s trying to sort herself out as a writer.  Regular employment and its hard-to-deny perks (insurance) kind of got in the way.

Beyond her ongoing battle with recent defeat of physics, she likes to tear it up on the ultimate frisbee field, bike around everywhere, and climb really tall mountains with her partner, their miscreant mutt, and all the awesome outdoorsy people they know. Which is lots.

Of course, she also likes to send out narcissistic dispatches into internetland, which I bet you already knew, you silly blog-reader you.

You can contact Lady Quantum at theladyquantum at gmail dot com.

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