even our ice is dirty

January 9, 2011

…but it sure looks cool.  Just got back from the partner’s northward residence, after making the drive in the snow now so as to avoid making it in more (and blowing) snow tomorrow.  Miss Piggy (my mid-90s Camry…I ran over a frog once) got a nice coating.  Here are some pictures I snapped of the neat ice formations that result from a gross drive.

Hella sweet rims.

Close-up view.

Miss Piggy is growing cilia. Oddly enough, they face opposite to my direction of travel (likely due to spray from my sweet rims).

[The original story for Miss Piggy’s name is this: she’s big, she’s heavy, but she’s surprisingly efficient and can do pretty much everything you tell her she can’t do.  The “ran over a frog once” version is both more succinct and funnier, but sadly wasn’t my idea (it came from a friend).]


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